VivoSound Music Service

When people come to a restaurant or a bar, they want to relax and listen to the music they love. But how to make everyone happy? In addition, it is music that creates the unique atmosphere of each public place. The VivoSound staff are aware of that. They have prepared a service for you that solves many problems associated with the musical arrangement of a public place. The VivoSound service is a milestone in the restaurant business and the world of entertainment.

What is VivoSound?

It is a service that offers ready-made music collections, which can be customized according to your wishes or the type of public place. This will save your time and simplify your work significantly. You don’t have to think about finding background music for your public place anymore, or worry about copyright-VivoSound provide sturnkey solutions! With the help of a customers’ app, guests can select music all by themselves.

More specifically: The VivoSound service has a huge musical base and creates songs collections of the desired musical style. But how does VivoSound differ from other similar services on the Internet, and what’s so convenient about it?

Previously, guests in bars simply didn’t have the opportunity to request songs. Or the bartender had to interrupt his work to find and play a song at the request of aguest.

Our work

How does it work?


Register an institution


Customize music to your own format


Download and start the player


Enjoy your music


Get payments from ordered tracks

VivoSound is your advantage

What’s the benefit of our guests downloading the app? Will it increase revenue? — YES.

What is VivoSound?

Guests come to your public place to relax and have fun. You can place the information about the new entertainment in booklets, for example, where guests will most likely see it. People will appreciate the opportunity to order their favorite songs, and they’ll come to your place more often and stay longer. They no longer distract staff from their work asking for a favorite song. This allows the service of your venue to evolve and get even better.

Being satisfied with your service and from positive experience, the guests will surely spread the word among their friends and probably even bring them to you!

Thus, you get an increase in revenue, the loyalty of visitors and the influx of new guests, as well as additional earnings in the form of paid song orders.

Start using our service right now!

More than 3,500 institutions successfully use our service, increasing the loyalty of guests and entertaining them with high-quality music content. Connect our service in just a few minutes!